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Last year we were pleased to have been able to provide a client with tickets and accommodation at the Festival with little notice but last minute booking is not recommended for this oversubscribed event. This annual festival is held in the famous theatre created by Wagner himself specifically for the performance of his own works.

The location of Bayreuth was made for many reasons not the least of which was the view that the town had no other cultural strengths which would compete with the work of the Wagner Theatre. The theatre opened in 1876 and the many architectural innovations were responses to Wagner’s demand for a more ‘democratic’ seating arrangement, a clear view of the stage for all the audience and for the accommodation of the huge orchestra required in Wagner’s operas. It is the dream of Wagner enthusiasts to hear his works at the Festival.

Bayreuth has many attractions including:- the Museum, the Castle Tower, the Margravial Opera House (a baroque theatre, very different from the Wagner Theatre), the New Castle with its Margrave Fountain and Wagner’s House, where Cosima and Richard Wagner are buried.

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All our packages include

A ticket in the orchestra stalls and two nights with breakfast at the Hotel Arvena Kongress**** It is not possible for is to book tickets for Ring Cycle operas unless they are in a package to see all four.

Two hotel nights with breakfast and one opera in the orchestra stalls £1,390 per person. There may be an additional cost for premiers.

An extra hotel night £75
Single room supplement £65 per night

The prices are subject to availability and variation at the time of booking.


The tickets cannot be purchased without also booking hotel accommodation and although flights are not included in the package price we will be pleased to book flights or you could arrange this yourself. Flight options between the UK and Nuremberg Airport (close to Bayreuth) include direct flights with Air Berlin and British Airways both from London Gatwick.

Should an entire performance be cancelled (strikes, illness, etc) only the official ticket price can be reimbursed and not the secondary market price. A change in casting or programming does not constitute a claim for reimbursement. We strongly recommend the purchase of appropriate, comprehensive travel insurance covering medical and cancellation costs.

Hotel Arvena Kongress ****

This is a comfortable, modern four star hotel with a good restaurant and it is well located for visiting the opera house which is only 0.84 miles away.

Other hotels are available; there is a traditional family-run hotel which is not quite so close to the opera house for the same price, a Ramada hotel in the city centre also for the same price or a more luxurious one at a higher price.


Hotel Arvena Kongress ****

Hotel Arvena Kongress 1


Sat. July 25th. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Sun. July 26th. 4pm. TANNHÄUSER
Mon. July 27th. 6pm. RHEINGOLD
Tue. July 28th. 4pm. WALKÜRE
Wed. July 29th. 4pm. LOHENGRIN
Thu. July 30th. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Fri. July 31st. 4pm. SIEGFRIED
Sat. Aug 1st. 4pm. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG
Sun. Aug 2nd. 4pm. LOHENGRIN
Mon. Aug 3rd. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Wed. Aug 5th. 4pm. TANNHÄUSER
Thu. Aug 6th. 4pm. LOHENGRIN
Fri. Aug 7th. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Sat. Aug 8th. 6pm. RHEINGOLD
Sun. Aug 9th. 4pm. WALKÜRE
Mon. Aug 10th. 4pm. LOHENGRIN
Tue. Aug 11th. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Wed. Aug 12th. 4pm. SIEGFRIED
Thu. Aug 13th. 4pm. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG
Sat. Aug 15th. 4pm. LOHENGRIN
Sun. Aug 16th. 4pm. TANNHÄUSER
Mon. Aug 17th. 4pm. RHEINGOLD
Tue. Aug 18th. 4pm. LOHENGRIN
Wed. Aug 19th. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Thu. Aug 20th. 4pm. TANNHÄUSER
Fri. Aug 21st. 4pm. SIEGFRIED
Sat. Aug 22nd. 4pm. MEISTERSINGER
Sun. Aug 23rd. 4pm. TANNHÄUSER
Mon. Aug 24th. 6pm. RHEINGOLD
Tue. Aug 25th. 4pm. WALKÜRE
Thu. Aug 27th. 4pm. SIEGFRIED
Sat. Aug 29th. 4pm. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG